Alejandra Llamas  



This book is dedicated with all my heart, soul and with everything that fills life with peace and happiness to my beloved Gena. Thank you for spiritual generosity, unconditional support and for always seeing the best in me.

I would like to take a moment and take a big breath and be infinitely grateful; as I lay here in my bed writing this book; I don’t have anything but tenderness in my heart, happiness in my soul and peace in my life. I give thanks once more. I want to humbly and with my heart on my sleeve offer all my love to my family, who have always been an amazing part of my life; I am a part of them and they are a part of me.

To my children Pat and Hana, beings of light and unconditional love: With each passing day I respect you more. You are amazing human beings! I have so much to learn from you two. You have taught me so much about life. With your help I’ve realized that there is a human being inside of me that can turn into pure love and be in absolute awe of the greatness of your souls. I love you both. I am grateful to my mother; I don’t know where I end and where She begins; I adore you; to my father; who is always with me and whose presence I treasure in my heart; Ceci and Fede, I love you; and to Malu, Memo and Enrique. To all my beloved nieces and nephews. Especially for you Tata, whom I admire like no one else and love like a mother. Yoca, who I learned so much from and who has not only been a mother to my children but to me as well. To my in-laws, who have given me all their affection throughout the years.

I am grateful to all my friends that fill my life with joy; you know who you are. The ones that have been with me throughout my life and have made me grow, laugh and see life through their eyes. That is a gift. Thank you. To my life siblings: my Martis, la Weinberg, my Regis, Lalo, Le pom pom, Melanie, Princhis, Kathy, Jenny, Gaby, Erika, Mou, Maga y Roxy, Laura, Raul, Adi, Paola, Mariana, Karina, Nachito, Manuel. Pili and Los flacos.

Thank you to Jorge Ramos for being my mentor and friend: I have learned so much from you, but mostly your generosity as a friend;

Recibe antes que nadie historias como ésta